Saddle up for an all-inclusive Western adventure at a dude ranch where horses, hats, hospitality, heritage, honesty, and heart come together for an authentic guest ranch stay. Working ranches in Arizona have been hosting visitors for more than 100 years. Whether you would prefer to go horseback riding, relax at a spa, enjoy some family fun, gaze at the stars, or simply revel in the beauty of Arizona’s spectacular scenery, one of these ranches is sure to be the perfect fit. 

Grand Canyon Western Ranch

Combine a visit to the Grand Canyon with a stay at Grand Canyon Western Ranch, a guest ranch that was once home to a notorious 19th-century gunfighter. Wild West themed decor and accommodation that includes glamping tents and pine cabins with a fireplace make this an atmospheric western adventure. This cosy ranch also offers 24 hour Cowboy Campouts if you would rather sleep under the stars and live like a real American cowboy. 

Circle Z Ranch

Bunk down in historic Spanish-style adobe guest cottages and surround yourself with the sweeping grasslands, mountain ranges, and natural wonders of one of Arizona’s most historic working dude ranches. This all-inclusive ranch has horse riding trails that are so scenic, they’ve starred in Western movies. With separate children’s programs for kids aged 2 to 17, Circle Z is a hit with visitors of all ages and ideal for a multigenerational getaway. 

Bumble Bee Ranch

Roll up in your RV, book a campsite, or treat yourself to a stay at one of the guesthouses at Bumble Bee Ranch where you can join a cattle drive. Experience what working as a cowboy is like as you locate a pasture filled with grazing cattle and herd them back to the arena. For an extra challenge, pit your skills against the rest of your group and try your hand at separating a cow from the herd. It’s harder than it looks but also a lot of fun. 

Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch

With accessible riding equipment and ramp access for wheelchairs and anyone else needing extra assistance to mount a horse, guests of all abilities are welcome at this friendly dude ranch which is laid out like a small western town. With rides ranging from a gentle walk through spectacular scenery to cowboy style gallops, there is something for everyone to enjoy here. When night falls, chat with new friends around the campfire, toast marshmallows, or watch a gunslinger competition. 

Kay El Bar Guest Ranch

If you’re looking for a unique historic stay, you’ll find it at Kay El Bar Guest Ranch which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ride through the Hassayampa River as you marvel at mighty canyon walls, watch cattle cutting demonstrations, and explore one of the ranch’s many trails on horseback. This atmospheric dude ranch combines western tradition with comfortable accommodation and the breathtaking scenery of the Sonoran Desert.

Sprucedale Guest Ranch

Grab the kids and head to Sprucedale Guest Ranch where you’ll find activities ranging from Western dancing lessons to cow milking, cattle gathering, and hiking. This affordable dude ranch is suitable for riders of all levels and has a program especially for teens. When night falls, head outside for a campfire singalong and toast marshmallows by the fire as stars twinkle overhead.