Well blow me down, I never knew cruising was so much fun, and no grey-haired passengers in sight.

Well, that's now the world of cruising.

Bingo is optional, as is every other activity.

Feel like a croquet lesson, or is rock climbing and zip-lines more your thing? Perhaps a block buster movie in the cinema, a live dazzling Broadway stage performance, a Cirque Du Soleil style production of mesmerising acts, or a concert pianist and violin to sooth your soul?

If you want to get off the ship in a submersible, explore the ocean depths with two state-of-the-art luxury submersibles onboard. Go to the depths of the ocean where you will explore spectacular sights & encounter a wide array of fish & sea-creatures.

Hungry after a days manic fun? Then a glorious burger oozing with cheese is never far away, or a romantic gourmet dinner for two in one of the many fine dining restaurants.


It's getting late so let's retire, or not, with the thudding pulse of ZOUK nightclub awaiting your next 'best' move.

With so much action and crazy nights, a Palace Villa, Penthouse or luxurious Stateroom with balconies could be yours, or suit your budget with a smaller interior stateroom, as sleeping is, after-all, optional. Feeling claustrophobic? Fear not, every day the ship pulls into one exotic location after another. Alight, flop and drop on a tropical beach, go shopping or take a day tour and unlock the mysteries of the surrounding cultures that makes our world so fascinating. Once on board, wandering around getting to know the ship is fascinating, with shopping, coffee shops, pubs, bars, buffets, gym, sauna, spas, beauty, wellness and even a Gentleman's Barber if you want to risk a close-shave at sea. In case you hadn't already tried everything, then a bowling alley is yours at any hour, or a late night martini at the casino.

All the action isn't just onboard.

Itineraries span between New Zealand, Australia & Asia at select times of the year.

Everything is possible with Dream Cruises and that extra touch of hospitality and service is evident at every turn.

With Dream Cruises signature colourful art work on every ships bow, how could this experience not be riotous fun?